How to Avoid Dental Medicaid Application Rejections

Apr 04, 2024

Like any insurance, getting enrolled as a dental Medicaid provider requires an in-depth application. 

Most often, when a MO HealthNet application is rejected, it is due to a technical issue – an unchecked box, a missing document, etc. Thankfully, these errors can be corrected, but identifying the culprit and dealing with the application delay can be frustrating. 

This post is designed to support first-time enrollees through an error-free application and help those facing a rejection swiftly address the issue.

Submitting an Error-Free Dental Medicaid Application

Getting set-up to offer Medicaid typically requires at least two applications. 

  1. MO HealthNet
  2. Managed Care Plan/s (if you do not plan to accept only Fee-for-Service)

Start with the MO HealthNet application:  

Use these resources to help you navigate the application and complete it to your requirements.

Our top MO HealthNet application tips for success:

  • Once your online application is complete, you must print and sign the confirmation page (last page) and fax it, along with your other required documentation, to (573) 634-3105. 
  • Follow the Provider Enrollment Guide carefully so you know exactly which application fields and supporting documents are needed for your provider status.
  • Wait two days after submitting, then email to make sure they have received everything. It is unlikely you will be notified if you missed something.
  • You can email or call (573) 751-3399 at any time to check the status of your application. Always include your NPI. They cannot use your tax ID or your name to check your status. They usually respond within 48 hours.

Once your MO HealthNet application is submitted, you may immediately begin enrolling with Managed Care Plans. Currently, application processing for these plans takes 45-60 days.

Addressing Dental Medicaid Application Errors

Application rejections can be discouraging, especially when the reasoning is vague. 

The best thing you can do is be proactive about reaching out - whether it has been a while since you have heard anything about your application or you have received notification that your application has been rejected. 

To help you get clarity and avoid further delays, email and include your NPI to ask for more information. They typically respond within 48 hours. 

You can also call the Provider Enrollment Help Desk at (573) 635-3559 to inquire about your application. 

It typically takes about two weeks for MO HealthNet to process your application if everything is in order. If two weeks pass without word, be sure to reach out about your application status. 

If you are experiencing delays with a Managed Care Plan, we recommend the same approach. Each plan’s contact information is listed above. Be advised that application processing for Managed Care Plans tends to be 45-60 days.

Need More Support?

Jessica Emmerich, your Medicaid Mentor, is here to answer any questions you have about offering Missouri dental Medicaid services. Contact her by email or phone, today!