Public Policy / Advocacy

The Coalition forms a public policy agenda through consensus. Below is the policy agenda revised in 2017.

Coalition Policy Goals

Improvement of MO HealthNet by implementing best practices and system improvements to increase provider participation and MO HealthNet participant usage 

Inclusion of a comprehensive dental benefit in MO HealthNet 

Protection and expansion of public water system fluoridation   Water Fluoridation: A Community Toolkit Fluoridation Policy Statement

Expansion of access to dental sealants for children without routine dental care Sealant Policy Statement

Integration of oral healh care in school-based health

Expanded coverage of and access to silver diamine fluoride for all Missourians

Inclusion of a comprehensive dental benefit in Medicare  

Implementation of a statewide public awareness campaign about the importance of oral health to overall health 

Strengthening provider networks and expansion of service delivery of dental care for high-risk, vulnerable, MO HealthNet and uninsured populations, including people with disabilities and special health care needs 

 Incorporation of oral health in the patient-centered medical home

Previously on the Coalition's Policy Agenda and accomplished – 

*Reinstatement of MO HealthNet dental benefits for adults, including prevention and treatment 
Policy Statement on Reinstatement of MO HealthNet Adult Dental Benefits 

*Reinstatement of the Dental Director position at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.
Dental Director Policy Statement

 *Establishment of an oral health caucus in the Missouri General Assembly.