Public Policy / Advocacy

MCOH Policy Goals are formed through consensus of the Board.

MCOH Policy Goals (updated 2021)

  • Reduction of tobacco use and vaping to improve Missouri oral health.
  • Incorporation of oral health care in school-based health care. 
  • Expanded coverage of and access to silver diamine fluoride for all Missourians.
  • Improvement of MO HealthNet by implementing best practices and system improvements to increase provider participation and MO HealthNet participant usage
  • Inclusion of a comprehensive dental benefit in MO HealthNet
  • Protection and expansion of public water system fluoridation
  • Expansion of access to dental sealants for children without routine dental care
  • Inclusion of a comprehensive dental benefit in Medicare
  • Implementation of a statewide public awareness campaign about the importance of oral health to overall health
  • Strengthening provider networks and expansion of service delivery of dental care for high-risk, vulnerable, MO HealthNet and uninsured populations, including people with disabilities and special health care needs
  • Incorporation of oral health in the patient-centered medical home

Previously on the Coalition's Policy Agenda and accomplished – 

*Reinstatement of MO HealthNet dental benefits for adults, including prevention and treatment 
Policy Statement on Reinstatement of MO HealthNet Adult Dental Benefits 

*Reinstatement of the Dental Director position at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.
Dental Director Policy Statement

 *Establishment of an oral health caucus in the Missouri General Assembly.