Dental Provider Credentialing, Policy & Claims Webinar Series

Medicaid Dental Rates are higher than ever before, however if you have not worked with MO HealthNet and the Managed Care plans, you may have questions about the necessary credentialing, plan policies, and the claims processes.

In this webinar series, you will hear from each of the Managed Care plans and MO HealthNet about the process and benefits of each.

Friday - April 14th - Noon- 1:00pm

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Friday - April 21st - Noon- 1:00pm

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Friday - April 28th - Noon - 1:00pm

Friday - May 12th - Noon - 1:00pm
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For questions about these webinars or becoming a Medicaid (MO HealthNet)
provider contact:
Jessica Emmerich, Dental Medicaid Facilitator