Show Me Oral Health: The Missouri Office of Dental Health Update

Presented by Dr. Guy Deyton, Missouri Dental Director

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Course Description: A discussion of the oral health activities, plans and program objectives of the Office of Dental Health, Department of Health and Senior Services for the coming year.  In addition there will be a presentation of the latest surveillance data of the oral health status of citizens of Missouri. 

Objectives: At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to describe the:

  • Activities of the Office of Dental Health in general
  • Key elements of the oral health surveillance in Missouri
  • Program objectives for the Office of Dental Health for the coming year.

Guy Deyton, D.D.S., joined the Office of Dental Health on March 1, 2021.  His responsibilities are to develop and oversee core public health activities aimed at improving oral health in Missouri.  Dr. Deyton has over 36 years of working in the dental industry, most recently working in general and comprehensive dentistry in Kansas City North. He graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry and completed post graduate training at Dwight D Eisenhower Veterans Administration Hospital which included dental sedation, dental implants, and reconstructive prosthodontics. Dr. Deyton recently served as regional coordinator for the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for dental healthcare workers in the Greater Kansas City area. He has three times been recognized as “Missouri Dentist of the Year.”

Dr. Deyton used to be young; now his hair has turned loose or turned gray. He worked his way through college and dental school as a carpenter and learned a thing or two practicing dentistry for 36 years, being MDA president, and serving on the state dental board.  He has a wonderful daughter and is grateful for a very tolerant wife who has put up with him for over 50 years! 

This speaker has declared no commercial conflict of interest relative to this presentation.