The Dynamic Impact of Health Care Reform


Presented by Dr. Peter Damiano

Dr. Damiano will provide an overview of health care reform over the past eight years including the components and impact of the Affordable Care Act, the changes that have occurred during the first two years of the Trump administration, and the implications for dentistry.

 Peter Damiano is the Director of the University of Iowa Public Policy Center and its health policy research program. He is also the Bernstein Professor in the UI College of Dentistry and a former Robert Wood Johnson Dental Health Services Research Scholar where he received training in health services research.  He is the author of over 200 journal articles and research monographs and has been principal investigator on over 75 funded research studies. He is currently conducting funded studies in the areas of health care reform, health insurance coverage, health disparities and many aspects of Medicaid waivers in Iowa. As part of the Public Policy Center’s community engagement mission, he regularly shares research findings with policymakers and the public through presentations, symposia and media to help others understand the nuances of challenging health policy issues.