The Impact of Offering Dental Medicaid Services

Jun 18, 2024

The decision to accept Missouri dental Medicaid involves many considerations. Of course, profitability is top-of-mind for business owners, but there are other factors, too.  

We talked with three Medicaid providers about why they decided to get credentialed and accept Medicaid patients. See what they had to say below. 

Growth Potential 

With the 2022 reimbursement rate increase, Medicaid is now comparable to, and in some cases more profitable than, private insurance. See for yourself - use the rate sheet on page 63 of the Dental Manual to view a table of all covered procedure codes and reimbursements. 

The competitive reimbursements in addition to Medicaid’s regular payment schedule give providers security to confidently manage, and even expand, their businesses.  

"The fee increase was substantial and we’re grateful. It has transformed our business. In fact, what it has done to our business is, we were able to hire more people. We expanded jobs. We created four to five more jobs. Isn’t that incredible? It’s just so cool that we can provide better service and more service to people and provide jobs.” 

- Dr. Mike Lee, DDS 

Support Your Community 

While one in eight Missourians rely on Medicaid for dental care, there are still 36 out of Missouri’s 114 counties without a single dental Medicaid provider. The need is especially great in rural areas, but there is also no shortage of work in urban areas.  

“Even though there are more providers that are now taking [Medicaid], it’s still very sparsely spread out... There are FQHC clinics now that do take Medicaid, which has been great, but they’re so understaffed and it can take, in some cases, nine to twelve months to get an appointment, even for an emergency.” 

- Dr. Arrash Ahmadnia, DDS 

Cashflow Continuity 

There is no question of when and what you will get paid when offering dental Medicaid services. Approved claims are processed and paid at a predictable cadence making cashflow management easier. 

“Our practice was at no Medicaid before deciding, a few months ago, that I was going to see Medicaid patients. Right now, I’d say we probably see at least 50% Medicaid patients. It’s worth it because of the fair rate that they’re paying and the frequency that they’re paying… There’s something to be said about knowing exactly what you’re going to get and when you’re going to get it for the work you’ve done.” 

- Dr. Kirk Quigless, DDS 

Dedicating just 10% of your practice to Medicaid patients not only supports the needs of your community, but also creates a foundation of financial stability upon which to continue to build your business. 

Credentialing Support 

Ready to learn more about the credentialing process? We’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

Start with our Medicaid Mini Series, explore our blog, or contact your Medicaid Mentor, Jessica Emmerich, directly. She can help you navigate all things Missouri dental Medicaid.