The Profitability and Purpose of Offering Dental Medicaid

Jun 03, 2024

Whether you’re just learning about the benefits of offering dental Medicaid services or you’ve been treating Medicaid patients for years, take a moment to meet three dentists who are positively impacting their communities while maintaining a profitable business. 

These practice owners took some time to chat with us about their decision to offer dental Medicaid services. We hope you find their experiences both informative and encouraging as you consider the strategic benefits of offering dental Medicaid services to more patients in your community.  

Dr. Ahmadnia

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Dr. Arrash Ahmadnia owns Access Dental, Dentures & Implants, with locations in Springfield, Mountain Grove, Osage Beach, and Rolla. He has been a dental provider for 19 years and his practice has been offering Medicaid services “since before it was cool”.  

His message to other providers: “It really is a personal decision that you have to make, whether or not you want to take Medicaid. But now with the rate increases, it actually becomes a more business-oriented decision. The fee schedule is exceptional. They pay very fast and there’s the fact that the patients you’re serving are in such need and they’re so grateful. It really is a win-win situation for the doctor. I truly can’t think of a better reason why to take it.” 

Dr. Lee 

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Dr. Michael Lee owns Comfort Dental South Independence in Independence, Missouri. He has been a dental provider for 9 years and has provided Medicaid services his entire career, a passion spurred by his positive experiences with Medicaid providers as a child.  

Here’s what he wants providers to know about offering dental Medicaid: “I would encourage every dentist to consider opening up their office to the people in their community. The reality is that there are Medicaid patients everywhere. Even in the wealthier areas. It’s everywhere and people need help. So, even if you have it 10% of your practice or 5% of your practice, it would be an amazing thing for your business to increase your revenue, but also serve your community and feel great about doing it.” 

Dr. Quigless 

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Dr. Kirk Quigless owns Brentwood Family Dental Center, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. He has been a dental provider since 1995 and recently started offering Medicaid services, a business decision made after the 2022 reimbursement rate increase that has also renewed his enthusiasm for patient care. 

His message about the profitability of offering Medicaid services is clear: “We actually have people drive two hours or so to get to us because they can’t find a provider and I’m not really sure why dentists are not taking Medicaid when the PPOs are paying less. It just makes sense and people are a lot more grateful for the services... It’s worth it because of the fair rate and the frequency of pay. If we do something this week, it’s going to be paid next week and that’s not typical... It allows for better practice management.” 

Want to Know More? 

If these interviews sparked questions, check out our Medicaid Minis (a five-part webinar series) to learn more about offering dental Medicaid. Or connect with your Medicaid Mentor, Jessica Emmerich! Jessica is here to provide guidance on all things Missouri dental Medicaid.