How to Submit Dental Medicaid Pre-Auth Requests

Feb 20, 2024

Pre-authorizations are an essential part of providing dental care.

We've fielded several questions about pre-auths, and these two stand out:

How do we know when a pre-auth is required? How do you submit a pre-auth request?

Understanding Pre-Auth Requirements

Section 5 of the Dental Provider Manual provides a comprehensive list of covered procedure codes. Use the "PA" column to determine which procedures require a pre-authorization. This chart can be used to determine required pre-auths for patients covered by MO HealthNet.

For patients covered by a Managed Care Plan, please refer to that plan's resource.

Tip: Request a provider manual, fee schedule, and pre-auth list to cover your bases.

Submitting a Pre-Auth Request

For patients covered by MO HealthNet, pre-auth requests should be sent to Wipro Infocrossing along with other required documentation. These will appear in eMOMED once processed.

Wipro Infocrossing
P.O. Box 5700
Jefferson City, MO 65102

If the patient is covered by a Managed Care Plan, pre-auth requests can be made and managed through that plan's online portal.

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