What Can Our Office Do to Make Medicaid Work for Us?

Dec 05, 2023

Medicaid-eligible patients live and work in your community, like any other patient. And just like any other patient, should be expected to adhere to your office policies and procedures.

We recently received this question:

What Stipulations Are We Allowed to Make So Offering Medicaid Works for Us?

Remember, it's your practice, your way.

Practices can set limitations on how many Medicaid patients they see, what services they provide, and with whom they contract.

And asking all patients to adhere to your no call-no show policy is standard practice.

Medicaid isn't one-size-fits-all and practices are encouraged to set limitations, and implement guidelines to make Medicaid work best for them.

Worried About Losing Revenue on No Shows?

See how this practice systematically addressed patient attendance to improve their production and revenue.

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