Why Are Some Services Covered and Others Are Not?

Nov 28, 2023

Medicaid covers many services, but not all services, much like other insurance carriers.

We recently fielded this question:

Why Are Some Services Covered and Some Are Not?

Just like other insurance, not all services are covered by dental Medicaid.

Remember, Missouri Medicaid is funded by tax payor dollars. Therefore, the state must select the services that will have the greatest impact to dental health for the maximum number of people.

The MO HealthNet policy team worked closely with dental professionals to best determine these services.

Need a Run Down of What is Covered?

Scroll to Page 63 of the Dental Manual to view a table of all covered procedure codes and reimbursements.

Here is a breakdown of a few common procedure codes and how they might compare to your office fee and PPO reimbursement:

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