How Long Will the Rate Increase Last?

Apr 08, 2024

Offering Medicaid services is an investment of time, both for credentialing and billing, but no more so than any other insurance carrier.

For dentists who are credentialed, or who are thinking of getting credentialed, the stability of the rate increase is top of mind.

How Long will the Rate Increase Last?

The Missouri Dental Association and the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health worked diligently to push the dental Medicaid rate increase through the legislature.

We have no reason to believe that the rate increase will be rescinded. In fact, we plan to continue advocating for more service and rate increases.

A review of the state's budget will show that the allocated funds for dental Medicaid make up a very small percentage of the overall budget, further refuting the concern that it would be eliminated.

Wondering About the Current Reimbursement Rates?

Scroll to Page 63 of the Dental Manual to view a table of all covered procedure codes and reimbursements.

Here is a breakdown of a few common procedure codes and how they might compare to your office fee and PPO reimbursement:

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