Can I Dismiss a Medicaid Patient?

Oct 25, 2023

Medicaid providers remain in complete control of who they accept and provide care for within their dental clinics.

We recently fielded this question:

Can I Dismiss a Medicaid Patient?

Yes. When it comes to patient dismissals, Medicaid patients can be dismissed just like any other.

If they are not showing up for appointments or being disruptive you can enforce your office's policy for such infractions.

However, providers have been more successful with managing no-shows when instead they take the time to talk with the patient to determine the issues preventing their attendance.

Issues like no means of travel, fear of the dentist, or no available leave are often best discussed verbally so that the patient can help choose a meaningful or lasting solution.

It does take more time but it’s better than losing valuable clinic time to no-show appointments. 

Need a Model for Addressing No Shows? 

See how this practice systematically addressed patient attendance to improve their production and revenue.

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