Adding Medicaid: Your Practice, Your Way Session Recap

Thank you for your interest in the business of adding Medicaid to your practice.

Here is the Full Session Recording:

Medicaid Mini Series Session 1 - Adding Medicaid: Your Practice Your Way

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Adding Medicaid: Your Practice, Your Way Slide Deck

Need to Know:

Adding Medicaid Services - Maintaining Control of Your Profits and Patient Roster

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you have a few questions. Take a look at some that were commonly asked below. If your question isn't answered here, we're happy to help. Please email Jessica Emmerich and she will respond with the appropriate resources. 

Am I Required to Accept All Medicaid Patients? 

No. How often and how many Medicaid patients you decide to see is at your discretion. Some dental providers choose a percentage of their total patient-load to dedicate to Medicaid care. Others set a certain day of the week to see only Medicaid patients. The decision is yours.  

How Can Providers Reduce the No Show Rate with Medicaid Patients?

Build the relationship and provide a dental home.  No shows happen with any insurance, but building a relationship and giving the patient a dental home will reduce the no shows.  MO HealthNet also offers non-emergent transportation for participants.

Who Is the Typical Medicaid Patient?

This will be addressed more in Session 3. MO HealthNet covers kids, pregnant women, families, adults, adults with disabilities, and seniors. Join us for Decoding the Codes on June 16th to learn who is covered and what benefits they receive.

Where Can Providers Find the Fee Schedule?

A link to the fee schedule is provided in the presentation. Providers should reference the fee schedule on the MO HealthNet provider page for the most current rates. Watch for Provider Bulletins about added codes and rate changes.