Angela M Fuller, RDH, BA

Central Ozarks Medical Center Dental Clinic

Waynesville, MO

Ms. Fuller graduated from Pueblo Community College’s Dental Hygiene program in 2010 and has a vast pool of experiences to draw upon.  She has done a wide variety of things in the dental field, from research and development of new dental products and instruments, publishing research papers and dental hygiene articles, to giving webinars and being a Key Opinion Leader for several dental companies. She found her passion in public health working at Central Ozarks Dental Clinic, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Richland, MO.  During her 4 years working in public health, Ms Fuller was instrumental in the implementation of the State Preventative Services Program (PSP) and currently coordinates the care of 14 head start programs and elementary schools in the Tri-County area.

Angela started her journey in the dental field as a dental assistant and found a passion for helping people with their oral health needs.  After achieving her double major Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Business Administration, she went on to pursue her dental hygiene education.  During school, she was an active member of Sigma Pi Alpha as well as the student chapter of the ADHA.  After graduation, she continued her membership in the Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Association, culminating to President-Elect of the state before she left and moved to Missouri.  Currently, Ms. Fuller is serving as acting President of the Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Association, has been a delegate to the ADHA House of Delegates 6 times, an invited attendee to ADHA’s Unleashing your Potential Leadership workshop, and an invited attendee to Career Fusion.  Currently, Ms. Fuller is also serving on the MOCA Health Advisory Board, Mo-Health Net Advisory Committee member, and an invited participant for the State Oral Health Plan development committee 2019.